Valentine’s Day – Without Roses

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Roses are the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers – read our article to make an informed color choice. There are, though, many other flowers you can choose for your Valentine flower bouquet, equally capable of expressing profound romantic love, sibling adoration, or any number of other ways to say to a special person “you’re important to me, and I care about you.”

Let’s look at some of the alternatives and their meaning, starting with the beautiful violet. Violets mean both humility and good fortune; in Chinese cultures it means harmony. A common violet color is purple, signifying purpose and intent, which you could give to indicate a shared love and mutual goal. Purple also signifies luxury, from the time when only royalty could afford clothing dyed purple. Another color, much more appropriate for a new love interest, is white – it means “let’s take a chance together on happiness.”

Carnations are a wonderful alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day, as they symbolize love, admiration and gratitude, and have such a rich and heady scent that’s bound to please. Like roses, lighter shades of red express admiration or fascination; the darker shades mean passionate love or desire. White carnations are delicate, and mean true love, innocence and purity. Pink carnations tell the recipient that they are unforgettable. Yellow carnations signify rejection and disappointment, even disdain – this might not be the message you’re hoping to send on Valentine’s Day!, our recommended online florist sells bouquets of a dozen red carnations, or pink carnations.

Hyacinths symbolize physical games and sports, or play, and date back to the ancient Greek legend of Hyakinthos, who was accidentally killed by Zephyr, who competed with Apollo for Hyakinthos’ affection. Blue hyacinths express sincerity and constancy, while purple expresses sorrow or “I’m sorry.” Red or pink mean play, while white means loveliness. Yellow means jealousy – something you may also not want to express on such a day. offers a fresh and fragrant pink floral arrangement that includes hyacinths.

Tulips are another lovely springtime bloom, and with a very appropriate general meaning – that of a perfect love. As with other flowers, red is for romantic love, purple for royalty or luxury. White tulips are to beg forgiveness, or express your own worthiness – useful if you have unrequited love. The meaning of yellow tulips has changed many times over the decades; currently they symbolize bright sunshine, cheerful thoughts, or that the recipient has a charming smile, full of sunshine. Tulips with variegated petals are frequently chosen as gifts to express that the recipient has beautiful eyes. Our favorite online florist carries red tulips, pink tulips, and a gorgeous assorted bouquet of mixed-color tulips. All come with an elegant glass vase, with next day delivery.

The iris is a striking and beautiful flower, whose name comes from the ancient Greek Goddess Iris, messenger of the Gods, who often appeared as a rainbow. Though often sent to symbolize truth and trust, irises also mean faith, wisdom, valor, and valued friendship. You will find a spectacular blooming iris bouquet at our preferred online florist.

Some color lilies would also be well-received on Valentine’s Day. White lilies have come to mean, in addition to purity and modesty, that “it is heavenly to be with you.” Orange lilies express a flame of longing and desire, that you burn to be with the recipient. Otherwise, lilies can mean wealth and pride. The Calla Lily symbolizes the beauty of the recipient. The Day Lily, to Chinese cultures, is used often to symbolize motherhood. You should think twice before sending yellow lilies, which mean falsity. Our favorite florist offers a pink lily bouquet that’s sure to delight.

Of course, there are many possible combinations of these flowers that you can put together as you make your purchase and arrange them together. Pick shapes the complement each other in size and shape, choose colors that express the feelings you wish to convey, and write a heartfelt message in the enclosed card. Perhaps you could explain why you made the selection you did, and why your choices remind you of the recipient.

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