Will You Catch the Rare Superbloom in Death Valley This Spring?

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Once in a while, beauty overcomes situations that one would deem nearly impossible. This is what happens every decade or so in Death Valley, California, as a superbloom of Desert Gold wildflowers covers stretches of earth that doesn’t usually see much life. Actually, the area is know for it’s share, plus some, of heat-related misfortunes – hence it’s name.

This year, Death Valley is expected to see the rare and stunning super bloom, and park rangers say that it could come in the next couple of months. An abundance of gorgeous wild blossoms have already popped up in Death Valley as a precursor to the main event and given people passing through the region quite a show.

Why Wildflowers in Death Valley this Year?

Experts believe that the flowers that have already bloomed in Death Valley, and the predicted superbloom, have the El Nino rains to thank for their existence. Officials are quick to say that extreme weather conditions are likely the cause of the once-every-decade bloom of bright yellow and purple flowers, which are visible now on the south side of the park at lower elevations.

Some sections of Death Valley, like Copper Canyon, have reportedly been blanketed with jaw-dropping wildflowers that are inspiring visitors to pull out their cameras or make a special trip with camera in tow to capture the event while they can. To be clear, Death Valley gets wildflower blooms here and there throughout the year, despite record-breaking temperatures. But the superblooms are what photographers, and anyone who loves looking at the beauty that Mother Nature provides, go crazy over and make it a point to witness for themselves.

What do You Have to Look Forward To?

What can you expect to see with this year’s superbloom, should it come? You’ll likely view something similar to what happened in 1998 and 2005. There was quite a flower spectacle as “hillsides, valley floor, and washes were covered with solid carpets of flowers that went on for miles and miles,” according to Alan Van Valkenburg, Park Ranger for Death Valley National Park.

Van Valkenburg goes on to say that, “In a normal springtime there will be scattered flowers here and there, but during a super bloom, almost every possible place a flower can grow, it will. It totally transforms Death Valley into a valley of life.”

Does this potential for beauty on such a grand scale tempt you to head to Death Valley during spring? Have you already seen a superbloom in the area? If so, we’d love to hear about your story in the comments below.

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