Blooming Plants to Give for Valentine’s Day

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African Violets

African Violets are a popular blooming plant, probably because of their lovely little purple and pink flowers as well as their fuzzy heart-shaped leaves. Some varieties of African violet have light green foliage, and others offer a view of red-violet leaves and stems. You’ll find many African violet plants with serrated leaves and some with smooth ones. All of these flowers are easy to care for and they can last for a long time with adequate sunlight.


Lying on low and woody shrubs, Azalea flowers offer a beautiful display of red, orange, coral, white, pink, or purple blooms. Azaleas make amazing plants to keep in a home garden or even inside of a house. They prefer moist soil, so your giftee will want to keep them watered but not wet, and they’ll need to be placed in bright, indirect sunlight.


Chrysanthemums are a traditional flower that blooms in shades of yellow, red, white, pink, magenta, and purple. Once in a while, you’ll find chrysanthemums in bold bronze hues. Chrysanthemums are potted flowering plants that love bright, indirect sunlight. They don’t like to be overwatered though, so you might want to remind your giftee to water them only every two days or so.

In addition to these potted flowers, you may want to consider giving geranium, heather, hydrangea, lilies, or orchids to your special Valentine.

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Have you ever given a potted flower to someone for Valentine’s Day? If so, what did you give and how did your recipient like it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Article Name
Blooming Plants to Give for Valentine's Day
If you want to give flowers for Valentine’s Day, but don’t want to go with the traditional bouquet, consider giving a potted flowering plant instead.The following are some beautiful potted blooms that you can give, so that your intended can enjoy years of beauty. Think about how exciting it will be for your giftee to remember you, and your loving thoughts, whenever he or she sees the plant in the future.

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