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The birth month flower for June is the rose, a flower which usually means love and beauty, but to which many subtle meanings are also given, depending on the color; an alternative is the honeysuckle, which symbolizes the bond of love.

pink rose, roses, june flowers, birth month flowers juneThe rose is one of the longest cultivated and most immediately recognizable of all flowers, with almost 150 unique species in its genus, varying in color, size and shape. Hybrids and cultivars number in the thousands – many of these hybrids have little or no scent, as they’re bred for size and color. Wild roses, in comparison, have a strong sweet, heady scent.

white rose, roses, june flowers, birth month flowers juneCultivation of the rose began over 5000 years ago, in China, and were introduced to Europe early in the Roman Empire. They were associated with several of the Roman goddesses (notably Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and fertility), and this is thought to be the origin of them becoming symbols of love.

You can send other messages when you give the gift of roses, too, either intentionally or unintentionally. Give a bouquet of roses of a certain color, and here’s what it means:

Red Deep emotions; love, longing or desire
Dark Pink Gratitude; appreciation; joy
Pink Elegance; grace; feelings of love
Light Pink Admiration; sweetness; innocence; sympathy
White Innocence and purity; secrecy; friendship; reverence; humility.
Yellow Friendship; caring; platonic love
Orange Fiery passion; energy; fascination; desire
Peach Modesty; appreciation; sincerity; gratitude
Burgundy Unconscious, uncontrived beauty
Blue Mystery; desire for the unattainable
Green Calm, peace and tranquility; Wealth and opulence
Black Death of the relationship
Lavendar Enchantment; love at first sight; adoration
Coral Desire

pink%20honeysuckleThe sweetly-scented bell-shaped flowers of the honeysuckle add much to a bouquet or arrangement. They can be found in many colors, from pink, through purple, to orange. Symbolizing devoted affection or love, as well as fidelity, the honeysuckle releases even more perfumed scent if the stem is broken.

So now you know how to send the right message, intentionally, to someone whose birthday is in the month of June. Our favorite online florist sells many different beautiful rose bouquets, in single and mixed colors. In the US and Canada, you can be assured of same day delivery if ordered Monday to Friday.

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