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Begonia or Begonia coccinea is much more than just beautiful flowers

Begonias: Much More Than Beautiful Flowers

Begonia coccinea, or angel wing begonia, commonly known as begonia, is a fibrous, herbaceous, flowering, perennial plant with erect, branched stems. The plant starts flowering from summer and lasts until winter, bringing forth light pink or red flowers with a mild fragrance. The flowers are irregularly shaped blossoms with red peduncles. Begonias occur naturally in tropical and subtropical climates. These plants are quite popular due to their beautiful flowers with some species thriving indoors as ornamental plants. Begonia blossoms are likened to roses in beauty and luxury. They are rich in color, warm, and feminine. Continue reading [...]

Choosing the Right Flowers for Your Home if you Have Pets

The ASPCA recommends that people with companion animals living in their home be careful about the flowers kept in the house, or in the garden. If you have pets, do you know which flowers are safe for you to have around your animal friends and which have the potential to cause serious harm? Because we love flowers, and animals, we want to share with you some of the best flowers to keep in your home if you have pets and tell you which ones might be toxic if you don’t know. It’s completely possible to reside harmoniously with plants and furry critters; it simply takes a bit of planning to get the right balance so do consider setting aside some time to think things through. Continue reading [...]
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