Accent Your Flowers With Unexpected Embellishments

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Some of the most interesting floral arrangements contain more than just flowers. They may be accented with non-floral items to add color, texture, and height to the bouquet. Easy to incorporate into a floral display, these design elements can be found around your home and in your local craft store.

Feathers are a fun, natural element that can create visual interest in a floral bouquet. Brightly colored peacock feathers are well-known for boasting electric shades of blues and greens. Pheasant feathers add a playful element with their natural stripes and spots in shades of bronze, cinnamon, and black. If you don’t happen to own a peacock or a pheasant, the feathers are readily available at craft stores.

Branches and dried grasses are great for adding texture and height to your flowers. Stalks of dried wheat would make quite a statement in an autumnal display. For a fun accent, look for bunches of ting ting grass. These sturdy stems have been curled at the ends for a whimsical look and are sold in many colors.

Leaves, whether fresh, dried, or synthetic, can add a pop of color to your flowers. You can even find leaves with interesting hues and shapes in your own yard. Look to see which leaves are outstanding in each season. For example, brilliantly-colored autumn leaves make a bold statement when added to your harvest arrangement.

Stems of faux berries are available in a broad range of colors. The flexible wire can be cut or bent to suit the shape of your design. Options range from simple, solid-colored spheres to realistic-looking artificial fruits. Faux raspberries and blackberries would be a cheerful addition to any summer bouquet.

If you have a more structured floral arrangement, you may be able to add garland as a design element. Try winding colorful bead strands among the stems of flowers. For a more natural option, ivy (either real or faux) will combine nicely with every type of flower and adds an elegant touch to the display.

We sometimes see ribbon tied around the neck of a vase. Why not incorporate the ribbon into the floral arrangement itself? With countless sizes, colors, and patterns, there are options to coordinate or contrast with every type of flower. Whether you use a bow as a focal point or drape it among the flowers, ribbon will add a unique element that makes your bouquet one-of-a-kind.

If you want to add sparkle and shine to your flowers, choose jeweled craft picks as an accent. There is a wide assortment of picks in craft stores, ranging from rhinestones to shapes covered in glitter. The flexible wire stems allow you to bend the picks in various positions to suit your arrangement. A touch of sparkle would be a festive accent to flowers given for a birthday or anniversary.

Bouquets aren’t just for flowers anymore. Let your imagination be your guide when it comes to floral arrangements. Whether it’s a custom accessory for a friend or a design element for your own home, an unexpected accent will make your flowers unforgettable.

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