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pink chrysanthemum

Falling in Love with Autumn Blooms: Nature’s Vibrant Palette!

Autumn is a season that enchants us with its magical colors and crisp air. As the leaves turn into vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, nature surprises us with its beautiful blooms. From delicate dahlias to charming chrysanthemums, autumn flowers paint the world with their vibrant hues. Here are two of our favorites, which look beautiful indoors and out! Continue reading [...]
The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

The 5 Longest Lasting Fresh Cut Flowers

Here are our five favorite long-lasting fresh cut flowers. There's nothing quite like fresh cut flowers to brighten up your home and your mood! But sometimes it can be a bummer when your beautiful blooms start to wilt and wither away after just a few days. Fear not, flower lovers! There are plenty of flowers out there that can last much longer than the average bouquet. Here are our pick for the top 5 longest lasting fresh cut flowers that are sure to keep your spirits high and your home looking lovely for days on end. Continue reading [...]
Flowers DoorDash Style: Get Flowers Delivered with DoorDash

Flowers DoorDash Style: Get Flowers Delivered with DoorDash!

Did you know that for flowers DoorDash delivery is a great option? In fact, DoorDash is a great alternative to regular flower delivery, and for flowers DoorDash can cost way less! In DoorDash' efforts to continue expanding its delivery services, DoorDash is now partnering with local florists to deliver fresh, beautiful flower arrangements right to your doorstep. You can also have DoorDash deliver flowers from the supermarket, which is even less costly, and likely faster (and yes, there is absolutely a time and place when supermarket flowers are ok)! Continue reading [...]
When are supermarket flowers ok to give?

In Praise of Supermarket Flowers

When is it ok to bring or give supermarket flowers? Is it ever ok to show up with supermarket flowers? Is it ever not ok? We actually love supermarket flowers - they've got our back when we're in a pinch, and they're often the unsung heroes of our last-minute gifting endeavors. Who hasn't dashed into the grocery store on their way to a dinner party or a birthday celebration, seeking a bouquet that says "I care" without breaking the bank? Let's explore the charm of supermarket flowers and why they deserve a little more love. Continue reading [...]
Flowers that start with P

Fun Flower Facts: Flowers that Start with P

Flowers are one of the most beautiful and colorful gifts of nature, and they make great anytime gifts. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its unique beauty and symbolism. Among the many flower varieties, flowers that start with the letter P are particularly stunning. Here are some fun flowers that begin with P to brighten your day, or to give to someone to brighten theirs. Continue reading [...]
The Flowers Best Delivery Option (Actually Here are 4 Best Delivery Options!)

Delivery of Flowers Without a Vase is a Great Option!

When you choose a 'flowers without a vase' delivery, you are giving more than the standard delivery of flowers experience to the recipient. You are providing mystery, options, and even more convenience than comes with the standard 'flowers in a vase' delivery. And delivering flowers without a vase can add an extra element of fun and surprise for your recipient. Continue reading [...]
The Best Way to Get the Right Flowers Overnight to Someone

4 Tips for the Best Way of Getting the Right Flowers Overnight to Someone

Here's how to get flowers overnight to someone, and not just any flowers overnight to them, but the right flowers by overnight delivery to them! Sending flowers overnight is a great way to show someone that you are thinking of them, whether it be for a special occasion or simply to brighten their day. However, with so many options available, it can be daunting to figure out the best way to get flowers to someone overnight. Here are our tips for the best methods for ensuring that your flowers arrive fresh and in good condition, and how to get the best value for your money. Continue reading [...]

Accent Your Flowers With Unexpected Embellishments

Some of the most interesting floral arrangements contain more than just flowers. They may be accented with non-floral items to add color, texture, and height to the bouquet. Continue reading [...]

Friend Feeling Blue? The Right Flowers Will Send a Caring Message

If a friend or a loved one is going through a tough time, flowers may be the perfect way to express your caring and support. Let them know that you're thinking of them and wishing them well with a thoughtful floral arrangement. Continue reading [...]

Hydrangeas Bring Year-Round Interest to the Garden and Home

Hydrangeas are charming, oversized flowers composed of clusters of petite four-petaled blossoms. While they are quite popular today, this wasn't always the case. These blooming beauties once held a variety of unsavory meanings! Continue reading [...]

Make Your Own Potpourri with Dried Flowers

Gifts from the garden make wonderful gestures because they're personal and unique. If you're searching for the perfect present for a flower lover, consider making potpourri with your own dried flowers. Continue reading [...]

Use Floral Photographs to Create Unique Gifts

You can easily create custom items using your own photos of beloved flowers and plants. These photo creations allow you to give a gift that will stay beautiful long after a fresh flower would have faded. Continue reading [...]

Pressed Flower Jewelry Makes Treasured Blooms Last for Years

By preserving blooms, you can create a piece of jewelry that keeps meaningful flowers looking beautiful for years to come. Continue reading [...]

Thoughtful DIY Gifts Made with Dried Flowers

As the growing season winds down and the holiday season approaches, our minds turn to gift-giving. What could be more thoughtful than a gift from your garden? Using dried and pressed flowers, you can craft unique floral-themed items for the special people in your life. Continue reading [...]

With a Little Imagination, Almost Anything Can Be a Vase

You've found the right flowers to give for a special occasion. But have you found the right vase? A vase not only holds and complements the flowers, but it is also a gift in itself long after the flowers are gone. Continue reading [...]

Drying Flowers Can Make your Beautiful Bouquet Last for Years

A bouquet of cut flowers makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. Whether they're for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, flowers send a message of beauty and affection. The main drawback to a floral arrangement is that many cut flowers last only a week or so in the vase. The good news is that there are many easy ways to preserve flowers so that they last indefinitely. Continue reading [...]

Low-Light Houseplants to Brighten Your Room

We love houseplants for their countless benefits to both our physical and emotional well-being. A bit of fresh greenery indoors can improve the air quality, make us feel more calm, and may even boost our recuperative powers. An indoor plant can be a welcome addition to nearly any room, even those with very little sunlight. Continue reading [...]

Loving those Leaves: Plants with Showstopping Foliage

When picturing plants in our minds, we often envision colorful flowers. But there are many plant species whose leaves are the star of the show. Continue reading [...]

Gorgeous Green Blooms to Light Up the Room

When we think of flowering plants, we usually visualize green leaves with blooms in shades of pretty pastels and brilliant jewel tones. But did you know that there are many varieties of plants that have natural green flowers? Continue reading [...]

Venus Flytrap: The Perfect Gift for Curious Kids

The Venus flytrap is the most mysterious and notorious of house plants. These carnivorous plants were made famous (or infamous) in the cult classic movie "Little Shop of Horrors" and have been intriguing curious kids for decades ever since. Continue reading [...]

Easy-care Houseplants Send Well Wishes for Years

Low-maintenance houseplants are thoughtful gifts that don't require too much care. Whether you choose a flowering plant, a plant with a legend attached, or one that helps to heal, your gift recipient will appreciate your well wishes for years to come. Continue reading [...]

Cool Desserts with a Floral Twist

A fun way to add pizzazz to desserts is to infuse them with edible flowers. Adding both flavor and color, edible flowers can take a common snack and make it truly extraordinary. Continue reading [...]

Ranunculus Flowers are Whisper-Thin Gems in Your Garden

Ranunculus flowers are known for their brilliant colors and layers of paper-thin petals. They belong to the botanical family of the same name, which encompasses more then five hundred species. Continue reading [...]

Buttercups are Sunshine in Flower Form

Buttercups are brilliant yellow members of the ranunculus family. Buttercups make up nearly one fifth of the species of this family. There are variations in the number of petals and where the flowers grow, but almost all varieties share the distinctive butter-yellow petals for which they are named. Continue reading [...]

Set Your Garden on Fire with Gloriosa Superba

With a scientific name like Gloriosa superba, you might say that this fiery beauty is superb in color and full of glory. And you would be right! Continue reading [...]
M McConnell blue iris flower

A Gift of Irises Sends a Regal Message

Irises are a popular cut flower, often found in mixed arrangements with roses or lilies. They are also quite striking on their own. Dating back several thousand years, the iris flower has long been associated with both royalty and heaven. Continue reading [...]
Roses with perfume bottle

Floral Perfume is a Bouquet You Can Carry with You

If you know someone special who loves flowers, consider giving them the gift of a floral perfume. With a floral perfume, they can carry their favorite flower's fragrance with them throughout the day. Continue reading [...]

Night Blooming Cereus—Here and Gone in a Flash!

Whether you call it night blooming cereus, Epiphyllum oxpetalum or Queen of the Night, this unusual flower is a knockout while it lasts. Native to Arizona and the Sonara desert, night blooming cereus is a member of the orchid cactus family. Continue reading [...]
Pink snapdragon closeup

The Long History of Snapdragons as Cut Flowers

Snapdragons have been a popular cut flower for thousands of years. Snapdragons have long been highly regarded for both their beauty and the legends that accompanied them. Continue reading [...]

The Flower Named after Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex: Clematis Meghan

Being in the royal spotlight comes with many challenges, but clearly has its sweet spots. Clematis Meghan, named after the Duchess of Sussex, is making its debut at the famed Chelsea Garden Show May 21-25, 2019. Continue reading [...]
AeroGarden Harvest model

The AeroGarden is the Right Gift for Growing Flowers Indoors

Many people love growing flowers but have little or no green space in which to plant them. Others live in an area where their garden is dormant throughout the winter. An ideal gift for both of these gardeners is the AeroGarden and its companion seed kits. Continue reading [...]

Sweeten your mornings with this… THE CHOCOLATE SCENTED DAISY

Yes, Virginia, chocolate comes in flowers, too! The chocolate daisy is rich in both scent and names. Known as the chocolate flower, green-eyed lyre leaf, lyreleaf green eyes or just plain green eyes, the chocolate daisy is part of the genus Berlandiera lyrata and family Asteraceae, which also includes asters and sunflowers. Continue reading [...]

A History of Flowers as Gifts

There is a long tradition of giving flowers as gifts throughout history. People across the world have been using flowers to express their sentiments for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, Rome and China, flowers were believed to be divinely inspired and were laden with meaning when given as a gift. Continue reading [...]
flower arrangement

How to Send Flowers Online

Flowers make beautiful gifts. They’re a simple, yet thoughtful, token of appreciation, condolence, or any other emotions that sometimes convey messages that words cannot. If you have someone you’d like to tell “Congratulations,” “I Love You,” or even “I Miss You,” send a bouquet of flowers or a potted flower online. It’s easy to do and your intended will usually get your gift within a matter of a day or two. There are so many flower companies offering to send flowers for you these days, so you’ll surely be able to find one that offers affordable services and the right flowers you want to give. Continue reading [...]

Stargazer Lilies because…damn girl, you’re worth it

You know who deserves a gorgeous bouquet of flowers right now? That's right- you do! Sure, you could wait for some hunky catch to show up at the door with a a mess of roses or for that boss of yours to finally recognize what a diamond you are and drop off a vase of pretty stems to thank you for all your hard work, but why leave it up to someone else to decide what flowers you deserve? You know exactly what you want, what you need, and what you are worth. Mmhmm, you got it- stargazer lilies. Continue reading [...]

Waxflowers for Wealth

They say money can't buy you happiness, but it can certainly spring for a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and if you are looking to attract a little wealth and abundance your way there is no better flower than the waxflower. With the wordy Latin name Chamelacium uncinatum, the waxflower, sometimes called Geraldton Wax as well, has the look, feel and smell of refinement and luxury- but doesn't cost an arm and a leg to fill a vase. In the Victorian language of flowers it is said to represent riches, and one can't help but feel patrician with a few stems nearby. Continue reading [...]

Earn Killer Karma with Unexpected Eryngium

One of the coolest flowers you've probably never heard of, Eryngium, known as Sea Holly, is an up and coming cut flower in the floral design world that will make waves in a surprise bouquet bought and brought for no particular reason. The only thing better than receiving flowers when you least expect it is to find a new and interesting one tucked inside. These long-lasting stems have a shape and texture all their own, so along with the unexpected pleasure of fresh flowers, you'll be giving them the excitement of discovering something new. Continue reading [...]

Make History with Vintage Roses

After literally thousands of years of cultivation, the wild, five-petaled rose found growing on the hillsides of Asia and Europe has been transformed into the botanical behemoth it is today. While progressive breeding and specific selection has given the rose both girth and consistency, many have found that those features have come at a cost to both fragrance and form. Fortunately, roses live longer than most people and many an old bush has been found growing in churchyards and along roadsides. Gardeners and florist have propagated these vintage blooms into a new market, calling them antique roses. Continue reading [...]

Freesias are the Flowers to Help You Stay Motivated

Setting goals and achieving them can be its own reward, but a little treat from time to time to keep you motivated sure doesn't hurt. Whether you're sticking to a diet, changing a bad habit into a healthy one or checking off your to-do list at an impressive rate, a fresh vase of freesias are a great way to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Low calorie, low maintenance and high impact, these graceful blooms will fill a room with a lovely fragrance that is rivaled only by the sweet smell of success and will be a pleasure to look at when you raise your nose from that grindstone. While the reward of reaching your goal is just on the horizon, treating yourself to these satisfying stems are a great way to mark the milestones of any challenging journey. Continue reading [...]

Geraniums are Best for Getting that Foot out of Your Mouth

All night long you tossed and turned over that asinine thing you said, but you'll sleep easier with a pot of geraniums ready for the next time you see the person your big mouth has offended. According to the language of flowers, these friendly plants convey the message of both friendship and stupidity, reminding both the giver and the receiver that we aren't always at our best, but that we'll certainly try harder in the future. Continue reading [...]

Best Flowers for Getting Over a Breakup

Into each life, a little heartbreak must fall, so when it does, be ready with a vase of Proteas. Sometimes called Sugarbushes, these amazing tropical stems come in a wide variety of colors and shapes and are one of the most unique flowers on Earth. The tall blooms are wild and exotic looking and come in a wide range of colors, sizes and textures. Their diversity will remind you that, while there are many more fish in the sea, there's just one of you- and she deserves flowers. Continue reading [...]

Best Bouquets for Bearing Bad News

There’s never a good time to receive bad news, but a bouquet of Gerber daisies can certainly soften the blow. While colorful flowers can’t change the story, the message will be brighter when followed with a vase of these sunny blooms. When faced with sad tidings or disappointing diagnoses, it’s important to self-medicate with healthy options like flowers, and sometimes, a casserole just isn’t enough to let someone know your thoughts are with them. Native to South Africa, these tender Continue reading [...]

The Right Same Day Flowers

Needing same day flowers happens to all of us. We suddenly remember that it is a dear friend's birthday, Father's Day, or, God forbid, your anniversary! Fear not, a same day flower bouquet does not mean that you will have to pick through a sad collection of limp gas station flowers. There are many beautiful options for same day flowers through reputable flower companies, and often for a minimal extra fee as low as $1.99. Continue reading [...]

All About Stargazer Lilies

Lilies are a beautiful and versatile, and a perfect flower to give for so many different occasions. Calla lilies, Lily of the Valley, and the Casa Blanca lily, are just a few examples of the dozens of lily varieties that make beautiful bouquet additions. The Stargazer lily is a beautiful lily that has become wildly popular as additions to floral arrangements, or even as the main attraction. Continue reading [...]

All About the Sunflower

The sunflower is loved for its vibrant color and cheerful presentation, and it has a lively history to rival that of its looks. Symbolizing loyalty and longevity, the sunflower is a North American native flower and was used by American Indian tribes throughout the continent for a variety of purposes. Native Americans were the first to domesticate the plants, and from that they produced flowers in black, red and white, among others. They also took care to use every bit of the flower after harvest. Seeds were used to make flour, seed meal to mix with vegetables, or to be eaten whole. They also squeezed oil from the seeds to use in cooking. Continue reading [...]

Vera Wang Mixed Flower Bouquets

Yesterday we brought you some of our favorite single flower-type and monochromatic arrangements and hand-held bouquets from acclaimed wedding dress designer, Vera Wang. Vera Wang teamed with FTD to develop a stunning collection of floral arrangements with the elegant touch for which Vera is famous. Today we are going to highlight a few of our favorite mixed flower and color bouquets in the Vera Wang FTD flower collection! Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Flower Bouquets by Vera Wang

Vera Wang has proven that wedding dresses are not the only stunning pieces of work that she can create; her beautiful flower bouquets are equally breathtaking. Vera Wang is a New York-based fashion designer who is best known for her couture bridal creations. Her simple and elegant designs are favored by celebrities for their weddings including Jessica Simpson, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton and Alicia Keys. Vera Wang has teamed up with FTD to design a line of breath-taking flower arrangements. Continue reading [...]

The State Flower Series: Alabama, Alaska and Arizona

The first installment of our state flower series is here! While we could just do one big state flower list like other websites, we wanted to give a bit more time to each flower, including its history. State flowers are a great way to honor your state at a dinner or event, or a lovely sentiment when sent to a loved one with state pride. Continue reading [...]

The Right Faux Flowers

Faux flowers often get a bad rap, but that is because when people think of fake flowers, they picture the hideous plastic flowers that adorned an elderly relative's home when they were kids. Dollar store fake flowers are a perfect example of the unattractive faux floral arrangements that we picture when we think of them. The truth is that there are a lot of high-end faux floral arrangements that are delicately crafted to look like the real thing. Faux floral arrangements are a great way to beautify a space without having to constantly replace real bouquets when they die. Continue reading [...]

Edible Flowers for Cakes and Desserts

With Easter and Mother’s Day soon gracing us, pretty pastel pastries and desserts will be reflecting the changing season. Edible flowers are a great way to easily transform a plain looking cake or cupcake into something elegant. Not all flowers are edible and proper care should be taken to purchase flowers that are specifically labeled as such. Continue reading [...]

7 Tips for Buying Quality Flowers

Are you looking for an exquisite bouquet of flowers for someone special, but not sure where to start? Have you decided to finally try your hand at flower arranging, but unsure how to purchase flowers like a pro? Here are 7 easy steps to help you ensure that you are buying the healthiest, highest quality flowers that you can find. Continue reading [...]

The Right Flowers to Say “I Love You”

Sending flowers to the person you love can be a headache, trying to choose from the multitude of options out there. Simply going to any of the big flower websites will cause you to be inundated with hundreds of different bouquets and options. How can you possibly pick the right flowers to say “I love you”? Here are a few ways to narrow it down! Continue reading [...]

Bouquets and Alternative Bouquets for Special People in Your Life

Trying to find the perfect flower bouquet for the special people in your life for Valentine's Day? Looking for something more interesting than the typical bouquet? Consider a few of these ideas this coming Valentine's Day! Continue reading [...]

What’s the Cheapest Way to Send Flowers?

We are often asked what is the cheapest way to send flowers, or which is the cheapest online florist. The good news is that there are many ways to send flowers cheaply; you don't need to spend a lot of money to order cheap bouquets and have a cheap flower delivery of beautiful freshly-cut flowers. Continue reading [...]

Send Love With the Lilac Flower

The lilac is often considered the herald of spring, with flowering lilac trees and lilac bushes foreshadowing the arrival of the season. Early lilacs mean an early spring, and vice versa. Lilacs are related to the olive, and are native to Europe and Asia, with small flowers grouped in large panicles, blooming in spring time. Continue reading [...]

Sending Flowers Without a Vase

When you order flowers in an arrangement, they usually come in a vase, basket or some other container. We were recently asked if sending flowers with no vase is possible. Why would you want to send flowers with no vase? Maybe you don't want to clutter up the recipient's house with yet another vase. Maybe they have their own ideas on interior design. Or, maybe you're having the flowers delivered to them at the end of their triumphant performance on stage. Whatever the reason, you'll be delighted to hear that sending flowers not in a vase is indeed possible, and here's how to do it. Continue reading [...]

Choosing the Right Flowers For a Man

Wondering what flowers to give a man in your life? Worried about sending flowers to a man? Don't be! Men love receiving flowers just as much as women do. 60% of the men surveyed by The Society of American Florists said they would like to receive flowers for Valentine's Day. Sending flowers to a man tells them you're thinking of them, that you care about them, and who wouldn't like that message? With a little care, you can send another positive message along with the gift of beauty, fragrance, and pleasure. Continue reading [...]

Iris, the Rainbow, for Faith, Hope and Wisdom

With so many colors of iris flowers, and a tradition stretching back to the Ancient Greeks, the iris carries deep sentiments and many flower meanings. To learn more about this most spectacular bloom, and to learn what message you send when you pick iris flowers to send, read on. Continue reading [...]

For Friendship and Innocence, Gift the Fragrant Freesia

When you pick the right flower to convey a special meaning, you add an extra thoughtfulness to your gift. The freesia best symbolizes innocence and friendship, and what better way is there to acknowledge your sweet friendship than with the gift of the sweet-smelling delicately blossomed freesia? Available in a range of colors, you're sure to find a favorite. Continue reading [...]

Choosing the Right Flowers for Any and All Occasions

Choosing the right flowers for a social occasion can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you buy them online your choice may be greater, but you've got to be careful that your message is clear. A florist may be able to offer advice, but your flower choice says a lot about you, the giver, and with some understanding of the meaning of flowers, you can be very clear about the message you're sending along with your special gift. Continue reading [...]

Send Carnations to Send Love, Gratitude and Affection

Carnations are popular because they come in a wide variety of colors, and carry a delicious clove-like scent; the carnation also lasts for a long time after being cut. Carnation flowers are also very pretty, and most often send the recipient a message of love, gratitude and admiration. Some colors send other messages, though, so to be sure you're sending the right message, read the rest of this article. Continue reading [...]

The Pensive Pansy Sends Loving Thoughts

Pansies send loving thoughts to the recipient, and always brighten the mood and lift the spirits, with their delicate structure and bold colors. Read this article to learn more about these delightful flowers. Continue reading [...]

The Fuchsia: Friendly Free-Flowering Flowers of Good Taste

Fuchsias - often misspelled fuschsias or fuschias - are beautiful, delicate flowers that droop delightfully from the parent shrub in great profusion during the summer and fall. They make a wonderful arrangement; read on to see what flower meaning you're sending when you give the gift of fuchsias. Continue reading [...]

The Dignified Dahlia and its Many Messages

Dahlia flowers are dignified and elegant, but carry many messages. As well as being the flower for the 14th wedding anniversary, dahlias are a glorious flower, bold and colorful, and fit for any occasion. Read on to see what possible message you could be sending with your gift of a flower bouquet or floral arrangement including dahlias. Continue reading [...]

Give a Gift of Perfect Tulips, to Delight Without Dazzling

The tulip can express a wide variety of meanings; red tulips for true love; yellow tulips for cheerful thoughts. Their distinctive elegant shape makes tulips a well-received gift on any occasion; they are (with apologies to Goldilocks) "just right." To learn more about the meaning of tulips, read on. Continue reading [...]

Gerbera Daisies

The Gerbera Daisy flower, also sometimes known as the Gerber Daisy, is a bright, colorful, happy flower. Gerber Daisies are as equally at home dressed up in a Gerber Daisy wedding bouquet as they are in a whimsical vase at home on a table - in fact the Gerbera Daisy flower is one flower that is sure to make just about anyone smile. Gerber Daisy colors are so vibrant and beautiful that a Gebera Daisy bouquet is right for almost any occasion. Continue reading [...]

Share Warmth and Happiness With a Gift of Sunflowers

The way they move their large, vibrantly-colored heads to follow the sun means sunflowers (Helianthus) bring messages of warmth and energy, faith and loyalty, and a desire for longevity to the recipient. Sun flowers never fail to cheer us up, and bring sunny thoughts and warm smiles to all who see them. Continue reading [...]

Say “Thank You” With Flowers

There are many ways to say thank you; merci, danke, takk, arigato, teşekkür, and спасибо are just a few. There's also an international language to express gratitude and appreciation, and that is to show it with the gift of flowers. A bouquet of mature pink or peach roses expresses gratitude, but what other less-conventional flower choices carry a similar message? Continue reading [...]
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