Choosing the Right Flowers For a Man

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Wondering which are the best flowers to send to a man? Picking the best flowers for a man can be a difficult thing. Sending flowers to a man tells them you’re thinking of them, that you care about them, and what man wouldn’t like that message? With a little care, you can send another positive message along with the gift of beauty, fragrance, and pleasure.

flower bouquet for men, the right flowers for menWhen should you send a man flowers? Think about the occasions when you like to receive flowers yourself. There are personal annual events, like birthdays and anniversaries; there are also holidays, like Thanksgiving and July 4th; there are special times to be acknowledged, like a work promotion, a new job, or a personal milestone achieved. There’s Superbowl Sunday, or a backyard barbecue. And what man, when feeling a little blue, wouldn’t brighten up when a bouquet of flowers arrives from someone wanting to cheer them up? So, as you see, there are many occasions for which you can buy a man flowers. And don’t let us forget sporting events, or “just because I was thinking of you.”

green and red flower bouquetWhat flowers should you send to a man? Many men (the author included) appreciate the beauty, color and fragrance in any arrangement, and for these guys you can choose anything you think they would appreciate. From, we really like the Sunburst bouquet. There are some men for whom, when you’re making your flower selection, you may need to be a little more tactful in picking “masculine” flowers. You should consider carefully the person for whom you’re buying. You can never go wrong with bright colors and large, bold shapes. Think strong and sturdy. An example of this would be the riotously-colored thank you bouquet.

And when you want to send cheery thoughts, try a pick-me up bouquet; sure to brighten their office, and lighten their load.

If you’re thinking of sending a bouquet of one particular flower, here are a couple of suggestions for those that in the language of flower meanings, will say what you want:

Chrysanthemums optimism; great happiness or joy
Daisies pure thoughts, and affection
Red roses romantic love

Finally, don’t forget potted plants. There’s a bit more responsibility that comes with a gift that requires maintenance (watering, possibly pruning and occasionally a re-pot), but a basket of hanging ivy, or a beautiful pyramid bamboo are very low maintenance plants.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and be playful. With a warm message in the accompanying card, and flowers that match the recipient in some way, you may be surprised at just how much gratitude and returned warmth you receive from a man for whom you buy a special, thoughtful bouquet or floral arrangement.

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