Floral Perfume is a Bouquet You Can Carry with You

Share the flowers!

If you know someone special who loves flowers, consider giving them the gift of a floral perfume. With a floral perfume, they can carry their favorite flower’s fragrance with them throughout the day.

Floral scents are easily the most popular type of perfume, favored for centuries by people around the world. Other scent types include woody, Oriental or spice, and citrus or green notes.

High end perfumes are made from actual extracts, or essences, of flowers, spices, and sometimes leaves. Less expensive perfumes may be made from synthetic scents that mimic natural aromas.

If a perfume features a single note or fragrance, it is referred to as a soliflore. This would make a lovely gift for someone who has a favorite flower. A perfume bouquet refers to a perfume with multiple fragrance notes. This type makes up the majority of perfumes on the market today.

Rose is one of the most popular notes, found in numerous brands of perfume. It is used as a top note, meaning it is the first note you smell but the scent evaporates quickly. Rose is so valued in the perfume industry that many perfumers cultivate their own varieties of the flower in order to have their own unique scent.

Freesia is known for being one of the most sweetly scented flowers. This makes it quite popular in lighter perfumes. Some have compared its scent to fruit or candy.

Lily of the valley is a bell-shaped woodland flower with an old-fashioned scent still beloved by many. It may be labelled with its French name, muguet or muguet de bois.

Violets are another fragrance note that have been used in perfume for quite some time. The scent is very subtle and has been called flirty, as the scent seems to come and go.

Once used for ceremonial purposes, jasmine has been a common note in perfumes for centuries. Jasmine is frequently mixed with warm and spicy notes that complement it quite nicely.

There are around one thousand varieties of lilac with scents ranging from sweet to spicy and subtle to intense. Once considered to be magical by the ancient Celts, various types of lilacs are now used in perfumes.

Representing purity and love, gardenia is a popular wedding flower. Thus, perfumes made from the gardenia flower are frequently worn by the bride on her wedding day.

Lavender is known for its calming properties and is often used in aromatherapy. Lavender is commonly used as a middle or heart note, meaning that the scent lingers on the skin and lasts longer than the top notes.

Give a floral gift that will last for years by sharing a flowery perfume with someone special. Floral perfume is the bouquet that never wilts.

Roses with perfume bottle

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