Bearberry Is Food For Bears and Humans Too

Bearberry: Food For Bears and Humans Too

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, commonly known as bearberry or pinemat manzanita, is a low-growing, evergreen plant of the heath family. It is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. The plant’s glossy and leathery green leaves normally take on a purple or red tinge in winter before turning to green again in spring. Continue reading [...]

Common Boneset: A Popular Herbal Plant With a Magical Past

Common boneset, also known as sweating plant, agueweed, wood boneset, boneset, or wild Isaac, and botanically known as eupatorium perfoliatum, is a flowering plant in the aster family. The plant should not be confused with comfrey which is commonly known as bone knit or in some instances, boneset. Common boneset is native to North America and Canada but was introduced to other regions of the world as a result of colonialization. Continue reading [...]
Tatsoi is a crunchy delicacy

Tatsoi Flowers: Crunchy Delicacies

Brassica rapa, commonly referred to as tatsoi, spoon mustard, tah tsai, and spinach mustard, is a biennial, low-growing plant. It is native to Asia and considered an ancient vegetable but has been introduced to many parts of the world including North America. Continue reading [...]
Alfalfa, The Superfood Used as Fodder

Alfalfa, The Superfood Used as Fodder

Alfalfa, or lucerne, and botanically known as medicago sativa, is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the fabaceae family. It originated from Central and South Asia but it escaped cultivation and is now grown in most regions of the world as a high-value fodder crop. Continue reading [...]
Wild hyacinth with pink blossoms. It is also known as blue dick

Blue Dicks: The Edible Flowers With a Giggly Name

Dichelostemma capitatum, commonly known as blue dicks, or wild hyacinth, is a perennial wildflower with a funny-sounding name. Continue reading [...]
Miner's lettuce

Miner’s Lettuce: Miner’s Staple and America’s Gift to Salad

Claytonia perfoliata, commonly known as miner’s lettuce or Indian lettuce, is a small, herbaceous, mildly succulent annual plant in the montiaceae family. Continue reading [...]