Make Your Own Potpourri with Dried Flowers

Gifts from the garden make wonderful gestures because they're personal and unique. If you're searching for the perfect present for a flower lover, consider making potpourri with your own dried flowers. Continue reading [...]

Create a Harvest Wreath from Your Garden

The autumn garden is full of vibrant colors that can be preserved by crafting a harvest wreath. Continue reading [...]
Sanicle has excellent medicinal qualities

Sanicle: A Common Herb With Excellent Medicinal Qualities

Sanicle, botanically known as sanicula marilandica, is a herbaceous, flowering plant. It is native to British Columbia and the northwestern region of the US. The plant also goes by other names such as pool root, wood sanicle, and black snakeroot. It thrives in well-watered areas with rich soil and preferably under shade. Continue reading [...]
Bird's foot trefoil

Bird’s Foot Trefoil: A Strange Twist Of Fate That Provided A Cure

Lotus corniculatus, commonly known as bird's foot trefoil or birdfoot deervetch, is a herbaceous, flowering herb in the pea family. It is native to Europe, temperate regions of Asia, and North Africa. The plant was introduced to North America by colonialists and is now a common sight in the US. Continue reading [...]

Use Floral Photographs to Create Unique Gifts

You can easily create custom items using your own photos of beloved flowers and plants. These photo creations allow you to give a gift that will stay beautiful long after a fresh flower would have faded. Continue reading [...]
Heal-all, botanically known as prunella vulgaris

Heal-all: A Potential Cure For HIV?

Heal-all, self-heal, woundwort, botanically known as prunella vulgaris is a flowering herb native to Britain but now grows in most parts of the world. The plant thrives in open spaces and among short grass on waste ground. Continue reading [...]