Lemon Myrtle, the Super Herb

Backhousia citriodora, commonly known as lemon myrtle, or sweet verbena, is a subtropical flowering shrub native to Australia but is now grown around the world. Continue reading [...]
Rose-scented geranium is great for aromatherapy

Rose-scented Geranium Flower : Ideal for Aromatherapy

Rose-scented geranium, botanically known as geranium pelargonium, is an evergreen perennial plant. It is native to the southern part of Africa but has spread to other regions of the world due to its fame as a medicinal and ornamental plant. Continue reading [...]

Snowdrop Flower: Beyond White Innocence

Snowdrop, also referred to as common snowdrop, and botanically known as galanthus nivalis, is a perennial low-growing flowering plant belonging to the amaryllis family. It is native to Asia and Europe. Continue reading [...]
Gotu kola or Indian pennywort

Gotu Kola, The Herb of Longevity

Gotu kola, Asian pennywort or Indian pennywort, and botanically known as centella asiatica, is a herbaceous, perennial plant in the apiaceae family. It is native to Africa, Asia, and Australia. Continue reading [...]
Caper or flinders rose

Flinders Rose (Caper) : The Mediterranean Floral Cuisine

Flinders rose or caper is a small, edible flower bud growing on the bush of capparis spinosa or caper bush. The shrub is native to Asia and the Mediterranean region. Caper bush belongs to the caper family which is closely related to the mustard family. If the unopened capers are not picked in time, they open up resulting in beautiful, pink-white flowers. Continue reading [...]

Motherwort for Anxiety and Cardiovascular Problems

Motherwort, also known as lion’s tail, throw-wort or lion’s ear and botanically known as leonurus cardiaca, is an upright shrub with dark green leaves belonging to the mint family. It is native to Europe and Asia but is now common in other regions including the US where it is considered an invasive weed in some states. Continue reading [...]