Gardenia flower

Gardenia Flowers: Sweet And Sensual

Gardenia, or cape jasmine, and botanically known as gardenia jasminoides, is a flowering shrub belonging to the rubiaceae family. It is closely related to cinnamon and your aromatic, bitter-sweet morning brew: coffee. It is native to Asia especially China, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and India. Today, the plant has spread to other regions including Europe and the US. Continue reading [...]
Freesia flower fragrance is subtle, intense and seductive

Freesia Flowers: Subtle, Intense And Seductive

Freesia is a herbaceous flowering plant belonging to the iridacea family. The plant usually grows from perennial bulbs which remain dormant under the ground when the aerial parts die off during winter. Freesia is named after Friedrich Freese, a German doctor, and botanist. Continue reading [...]
Yellow bell

Is Yellow Bell An Anticancer?

Tecoma stans, commonly known as yellow bell, esperanza, yellow elder, trumpet bush, yellow trumpet bush, and trumpet flower, is a perennial flowering shrub belonging to the bignoniaceae family. Continue reading [...]
Butterfly ginger

Butterfly Ginger: A Fragrant Flower Deserving A Place In Your Garden

Hedychium coronarium, commonly known as butterfly ginger, butterfly ginger lily, ginger lily, or garland lily, is a perennial, herbaceous member of the zingiberaceae or ginger family. It has green, smooth leaves resembling daggers that grow on opposite sides of each other on the stem. Continue reading [...]

Dahlia, The Edible And Medicinal National Flower Of Mexico

Dahlia is a genus of perennial, herbaceous, flowering plants native to Mexico. The plant is a member of the asteraceae family alongside zinnia, daisy, and sunflower. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico and one of the popular flowers among competitive flower growers in the world. Continue reading [...]

Oleander: Beautiful, Deadly But Good For Heart Conditions Under Medical Supervision

Nerium oleander, also known as pink oleander, Jericho rose, oleander, kaner, rosa francesa, rosebay, and rose laurel, is a flowering shrub in the dogbane family. It is native to Asia but has spread to other regions including Africa and North America due to its showy flowers. In the US, oleander occurs in USDA hardiness zones 8-11. Continue reading [...]