Reliable And Versatile: Sedum Health Benefits

Sedum, commonly known as common stonecrop, or just stonecrop, is an evergreen, perennial flowering plant belonging to the crussulaceae family in the sedum genus. Basically, there are about 300 species of sedum in the genus. The plant is native to the Northern Hemisphere but can be found growing in most regions of the world including Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Continue reading [...]
Hosta, fondly reffered to as urui is a culinary delicacy

Hardy, Crisp And Yummy Hosta

Hostana Montana, commonly known as hosta, urui or ginbo is a perennial flowering plant in the lily family. Continue reading [...]

Spider Flower: Meet The African Cabbage

Cleome gynandra, commonly referred to as African cabbage, African spider flower, cat’s whiskers, bastard mustard, spider flower, or spider wisp, is an erect, annual, flowering plant belonging to the capparaceae family. The plant occurs throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world and is native to South Africa, Americas, and South East Asia. Continue reading [...]
Lily of the valley

Lily Of The Valley, The Fragrant, Natural Heart Tonic

The lily of the valley, botanically known as convallaria majalis, or lillium convallium, is a perennial, flowering plant native to North Asia, England and North America. It has creeping rhizomes that send up shoots. The shoots featuring a pair of leaves, uncoil as they lengthen and extend upwards. Continue reading [...]
Tulips are versatile,beautiful, medicinal and edible

Meet The Versatile Tulip Flower With Culinary And Medicinal Uses

Tulip, botanically known as tulipa, is a flowering perennial plant grown from a bulb in the liliaceae family. It flowers in spring and brings forth blossoms in a wide variety of colors, except blue. Tulip flowers have 3 petals and three sepals. Continue reading [...]
Wall germander, botanically known as eucrium chamaedrys

Wall Germander, An Ancient Gout Treatment

Teucrium chamaedrys, commonly known as wall germander, or germander, is an evergreen, perennial flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region of North Africa, Middle East, and Europe. This aromatic plant is a close relative of wood sage and a member of the mint family belonging to the teucrium genus. Germander was brought to North America by colonialists and spread to other regions of the world due to its medicinal properties. Continue reading [...]