Broccoli flower

Time to Eat Broccoli Flower

Broccoli is a flowering plant belonging to the cabbage family. The plant is related to kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Continue reading [...]

Safflower Tea is Good for Your Bone and Heart Health

Safflower tea is derived from safflower, an annual flowering plant in the aster or sunflower family. The plant is botanically known as carthamus tinctoris and is native to Africa and Asia. Continue reading [...]
Cauliflower is good for your brain and heart

Cauliflower: Good for Your Brain and Heart

Cauliflower is an annual plant belonging to the cabbage family and is a close relative of kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. It originated from Asia and spread to other regions of the world as more people discovered its edibility. Ancient records show that cauliflower has been cultivated for almost a thousand years especially in the Turkey region. The vegetable became popular in Europe in the 16th century and caught on four decades later in the US. Today, China and the US are leading producers of cauliflower. Continue reading [...]
Wsiteria is beautiful and delicious too

Delicious, Colorful Wisteria

Wisteria is a genus of deciduous, rapidly growing climbers in the pea family. The plants are native to North America and Asia but are now cultivated in other parts of the world due to the colorful display of their flowers. In some instances, wisterias have escaped from gardens to become wildflowers which some regions consider noxious weeds. Continue reading [...]
Baby's breath flowers holds the potential for helping leukemia patients

Baby’s Breath Flower: Leukemia Buster?

Baby’s breath, botanically known as gypsophila paniculata, is a genus of perennial flowering herbs in the carnation family. The plant is native to Australia, Eurasia, Pacific Islands, and Africa. Continue reading [...]
False daisy

False Daisy for Skincare

Eclipta prostrate or eclipta alba, commonly known as false daisy or yerba de tago, is an annual, flowering plant belonging to the aster or sunflower family. The plant is known as a false daisy because its flowers resemble daisy blossoms. Continue reading [...]