Sulfur cosmos orange and yellow flowers

Sulfur Cosmos: The Bright, Modest Multi Purpose Flower

Sulfur cosmos, orange sulfur, yellow cosmos, or bright lights, and botanically known as cosmos sulphureus, is an annual flowering plant in the aster or sunflower family. It is native to the Americas and Mexico but has now naturalized in Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In most of these places, it was introduced as an ornamental plant but in some instances, its seeds were accidentally transported aboard merchant ships. Continue reading [...]
Cattail is considered a swamp's gold mine due to its many food uses

Common Cattail: Swamp’s Grocery Store

Typha latifolia, also known as common cattail, corn dog grass, bulrush, broadleaf cattail, or just cattail, is a perennial plant in the cattail family. It is native to North and South America, Australia, Europe, and Africa. The grass-like plant commonly occurs in marshland, ponds, swamps, wet thickets, and bogs. It thrives in moist soil on the edge of riparian areas in places with plenty of sunshine. Continue reading [...]
Lobelia cardinalis or cardinal flower was once used as a love charm

Cardinal flower: Once Used as a Love Charm Now a Herbal Plant

Cardinal flower, botanically known as lobelia cardinalis, is a herbaceous, flowering, perennial plant in the bellflower family (campanulaceae). The plant is native to the Americas but was spread to other regions including Europe, by settlers who sent the plant to their home countries due to its attractive flowers. Continue reading [...]

Lemon Myrtle, the Super Herb

Backhousia citriodora, commonly known as lemon myrtle, or sweet verbena, is a subtropical flowering shrub native to Australia but is now grown around the world. Continue reading [...]
Rose-scented geranium is great for aromatherapy

Rose-scented Geranium Flower : Ideal for Aromatherapy

Rose-scented geranium, botanically known as geranium pelargonium, is an evergreen perennial plant. It is native to the southern part of Africa but has spread to other regions of the world due to its fame as a medicinal and ornamental plant. Continue reading [...]

Snowdrop Flower: Beyond White Innocence

Snowdrop, also referred to as common snowdrop, and botanically known as galanthus nivalis, is a perennial low-growing flowering plant belonging to the amaryllis family. It is native to Asia and Europe. Continue reading [...]