Gorgeous Green Blooms to Light Up the Room

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When we think of flowering plants, we usually visualize green leaves with blooms in shades of pretty pastels and brilliant jewel tones. But did you know that there are many varieties of plants that have natural green flowers? Here are just a few examples of these unique green blossoms.

Bells of Ireland are tall stalks with graceful green bell-shaped flowers along the whole length of the stem. These flowers are often found in florists’ shops and used as a way to add height to floral arrangements.

Bells of Ireland stalks are frequently dried in order to preserve them, resulting in the flowers fading to a soft ivory color. A member of the mint family, Bells of Ireland are actually native to Syria and Turkey.

Hellebore, or helleborus, is a garden perennial that is famous for blooming in the winter. Also called the Christmas rose or Lenten rose, hellebore flowers bloom in shades of green and ivory, and dusty hues of purple and pink. You may also find varieties with striations or spots on the petals. Green hellebore flowers are commonly found in variegated shades with ivory or burgundy accents.

Natural green chrysanthemums are frequently given as cut flowers, especially around St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas. Mums are a popular choice for gifting because many varieties can last up to two weeks once cut. They are also common in the garden, blooming in late summer and early autumn. The zesty, bright green of chrysanthemums will add a brilliant pop of color to your fall landscape.

Orchids are exotic beauties that are available in a broad range of colors, including green. Orchids grow wild all over the Earth, including in the inhospitable tundra. It seems there are as many types of orchids as there are nations in which they grow.

Many green orchids are accented with shades of white and burgundy, while others are a solid, brilliant lime or apple green hue. Orchids are considered easy to grow and many varieties don’t even require soil!

Green flowers make a striking statement when planted in landscape designs with contrasting colors. The color green looks beautiful in combination with nearly every shade of the rainbow and will easily coordinate with everything else you plant in your garden.

Green flowers are also a lovely addition to bouquets of cut flowers. The green blooms will tie in with the green leaves of the other flowers to create a harmonious arrangement that is well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.

If you have a friend or loved one whose favorite color is green, surprise them with an unexpected gift of natural green flowers. These unusual blossoms will send a unique and unforgettable message to someone special.

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