Daffodils Mean a Gift of Sunshine

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Daffodils are an iconic symbol of spring thanks to their brilliant colors and fresh scent. Daffodils mean a gift of sunshine because of their cheerful colors in early spring.

The daffodil has numerous varieties that sprout their leaves while the snow is still on the ground. Because the most common color of daffodils is yellow, they are often associated with sunshine after a long winter.

Yellow flowers traditionally represent happiness and cheer as well as vitality. Yellow flowers also express friendship when given as a gift. This makes daffodils an excellent choice for a “Get Well” gift.

Some types of daffodils are among the earliest flowers to bloom in late winter and early spring. They are sometimes called the Lent Lily in the United Kingdom. Daffodils are a symbol of renewal and rebirth when given in bulb form. The hardiest of these bulbs can bloom for decades with little to no maintenance once planted. This makes daffodil bulbs a thoughtful gift.

Daffodils are frequently gifted in the Easter season.  They pair beautifully with other bulbs that are blooming in early spring. However, when cut they should never be placed in a vase with other types of flowers. They release a type of sap that can damage flowers like tulips or lilies.

Daffodils have been grown and prized since ancient times. The Latin name for daffodils is Narcissus. They are named after a character in Greek mythology who was so smitten with his own good looks that the gods turned him into the beautiful flower we love today.

There are more than thirteen thousand recognized varieties of daffodil.  New hybrids are being developed each year. Variations in colors include white, orange, pink and green. The numerous choices make daffodils a welcome gift for any celebratory occasion.

For example, daffodils are the traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary in the US.  They are a symbol of good fortune when given as gifts for the Chinese New Year.  Paperwhite narcissus bulbs are also popular around the Christmas holiday. The white blooms symbolize purity.

Daffodils are a gift of sunshine that can be given any time of year thanks to indoor growing techniques.  The bulbs can be forced to bloom inside the house during the snowy months. Lucky recipients can have a touch of spring all year round. If you want to send good cheer to someone, daffodils are a wonderful choice.

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