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The birth month flower for March is the daffodil, also known as Narcissus (the genus name) or, in North America, the jonquil (from the Spanish name for the daffodil). In the British Isles, daffodils often bloom through the spring snow, sometimes after Shrove Tuesday; for this reason, some in Britain call them Lent Lilies.

It’s a hard-working flower, the daffodil. It is also the tenth wedding anniversary flower, and a birth month flower for December.

daffodil, right flowers march, meaning of daffodils, march flowersThe daffodil is synonymous with spring, and with the new life coming forth as the world reawakens from its winter slumber. The daffodil symbolizes not only rebirth and new beginnings, but also future prosperity. It’s said, in Wales (the country for which the daffodil is the national flower) that if you see the first brave daffodil of the year, you’ll have a full year of wealth. And in China, a daffodil forced to bloom through the (Chinese, of course) New Year brings luck for the year ahead. The daffodil is, then, a wonderful way to acknowledge someone taking up a new venture and wishing them well for its success.

In addition, the daffodil symbolizes chivalry and respect. It’s a perfect flower for a gentleman to give to a lady for whom he has warm regards; it is very appropriate to give daffodils to your sister, aunt or cousin, for example.

Some susceptible people experience a skin reaction if they touch the bulb or the above-ground parts. The sap can also be bad for other flowers, so if you’re giving a mixed bouquet that includes daffodils, stand them in water on their own for 24 hours before mixing them. Never eat them (the bulbs are poisonous), and sitting with daffodils in a confined space is likely to give you a headache; the word narcissus shares the same root as narcotic.

daffodil, right flowers march, meaning of daffodils, march flowersDon’t let these minor issues stand in the way of you giving daffodils, though. Whatever the color (they come in a wide variety from almost white, to a deep orange or red), daffodils are sure to delight. Whatever you do, though, always give them in a bunch or bouquet, never alone. A sole daffodil sends a message exactly opposite good luck, rebirth and rejunenation; a lone daffodil bloom means you’re sending misfortune.

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