3 Badass Flowers for When You Buy Your Own Bouquet

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We could sit around waiting for someone to bring us flowers.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to hope for a few blooms wrapped in tissue paper with a card full of hearts and sentiment. It makes us feel loved, or at least, it might obligate someone who loves us to bring home some blooms on this day meant for lovers. While it’s a blessing to have people to love in life, it is a true gift, one that comes with years of practice, to develop a love for oneself. The only person who will ever truly know all the good, all the bad and never, ever leave us- is us. Perhaps this Valentine’s Day you could practice a little self love and bring home a really kickass bouquet with one of these awesome flowers that only you would appreciate.

Cymbidium OrchidsCymbidum Orchid
Once so precious and admired that it was reserved for nobility, these stunning stars of the plant kingdom have become available for mere mortals recently. A higher demand for these enormous and amorous looking blooms have lead to an increase in supply and, with that, a decrease in price that makes this a luxury you can afford- and certainly deserve. On stems that can reach two feet in length, uniquely formed flowers come in colors from bright green to vibrant orange. The petals are highly evolved in forms that mimic pollinators, resulting in shapes and arrangements found nowhere else in the flower shop. One stem may cost close to $20, but that is all you need to fill a vase and will last for several weeks. The fragrance of the Cymbidium orchid is subtle, but its appearance is anything but.

Calla Lily Orange Calla Lily
While lovely in their traditional white, the swirl of an orange-hued calla lily is something to behold. Like a sunset that catches you off-guard with its beauty on the drive home, this flower is a reminder to take note of the small, seemingly insignificant wonder of who you are. Not a flower anyone would pick out for you, this is one that will resonate with you.

A flower shop decked out for Valentine’s Day may look like an explosion of red and pink, but few rosy colors can hold a candle to true blue. One of the bluest colors you can find in the plant kingdom, Delphinium sets the standard. Truly, the blue pigment found in any plant with that color is called delphinidin, after this stately stem. Tall and straight, this bloom carries the message of well-being and beauty in the Victorian language of flowers and is a great way to let the only person that could ever really “be mine” in life, that you have an admirer- you.

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