Inexpensive DIY Valentines Gifts

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Looking for some inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day gifts? You don’t need to spend a fortune to express your love! Take your cues from some of these fun and creative craft ideas to create a wonderful Valentine’s Day for the special someone in your life!

  1. DIY Valentine’s Day Tree of Love – Find a nice little piece of tree branch with several offshoots from your backyard or local park. You can either leave it natural, or if it is not your favorite color, spray paint it a pretty metallic color such as silver or bronze. From there, put it in a vase you already have, or purchase an inexpensive vase at the Dollar Store, Michaels, or your favorite department store. Next, take several small pieces of pretty paper (extra points if you cut them into heart-shapes) and write down all of the reasons why you love/appreciate the intended. Next, punch a hole at the top of each note and loop some pretty ribbon, twine, or string through the hole. Tie the notes to various offshoots on the tree, like you are decorating a Christmas tree. That’s it! A decorative flower bouquet alternative that is sure to bring a smile of joy to the face of your love!
  2. DIY Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Picture Collage – Find a frame that contains two or three windows. Fill the first one or two windows with your favorite pictures of you and your love. Take out the glass from the third window and spray paint it with chalkboard paint, available at any craft store for under $10. Once that has dried, place it back in the frame and write a little love note in chalk (also available at a craft store). Not only is it sweet on the day of Valentine’s Day, you can continue to erase and write new loving quotes and sayings throughout the year!
  3. DIY Valentine’s Day Work of Art – You don’t have to be an artist to make a beautiful work of art on canvas! Go to your favorite craft store and buy an inexpensive canvas (you can find them for under $10), some unfinished wood letters (available in the unfinished wood section of the craft store) and your preferred color of spray paint. Decide on a phrase you love (make it short so you don’t run out of letters), even if it is simply “I love you”. Spell it out on the canvas, using double-sided tape or tape rolls to affix the letters to the canvas. Next, spray paint the entire canvas until it is evenly colored. Once the paint is dry, pull up the wood letters and voila! A beautiful piece of message art.

Whether you follow any of the above DIY Valentine’s Day gift instructions, or just take inspiration from them and use your own creative license, your special someone is sure to be touched and appreciative of the work that went into a homemade Valentine’s Day gift!

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