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Lady’s mantle, also known as dew cup, nine hooks, our lady’s mantle and botanically known as alchemilla vulgaris, is a flowering plant belonging to the rose family. It is easily found along pathways, roadsides, and grasslands.

[Note: The Right Flowers is not a medical site. Knowledge of and information about the therapeutic benefits and applications of flowers, while known through the ages, does not constitute medical advice. If you are having health issues, you should consult with a physician.]

Nine hooks is a domesticated perennial, it is native to Europe and Greenland. While alchemilla vulgaris is the most popular variety, there are as many as 350 species in Europe and around the world.

The name alchemilla is borrowed from the word alchemy. This refers to an ancient tradition holding that dewdrops forming on the plant’s leaves had mystic powers. The drops were said to have the ability to change common metals into gold. In addition, the dewdrops were believed to help people regain their youth.

Dew cup has erect stems and kidney-shaped leaves. It flowers from June to September, bringing forth tiny yellow blossoms with green stripes. The plant thrives in fertile, well-drained soil and can grow in full sun or partial shade.

Lady’s mantle flowers attract little or no attention and are not very popular with florists. In spite of the plain flowers, this plant has a secret weapon that awes the world. Dew cup has a curious ability enabling its leaves to capture and hold dewdrops via a process known as guttation. The dewdrops hang on the tips of the rough-edged leaves giving the plant a highly captivating look in the morning.

While early morning strollers are awed by its silvery early morning look as the light bounces off the dew drops, and mystics grapple to explain the mysteries of the glistening dew, herbalists swear by the plant for its medicinal purposes. Lady’s mantle has been used for generations to treat various conditions, especially gynecological issues. The plant is such a highly regarded herbal treatment for gynecological problems that its tisane is fondly referred to as “happy uterus tea”.

Lady’s mantle flowers and leaves are harvested when the plant comes to bloom. These aerial parts are dried and stored in a cool place until they are required to make the famous tisane.

Alternative cure enthusiasts say that the fresh tisane made from the plant is magical. To make the infusion, take several dried flowers and leaves, steep them in hot water until the mixture cools down sufficiently. Strain to get rid of the herbal debris and enjoy the infusion.

The happy uterus tea is revered by herbalists for its effectiveness in relieving, managing and treating various gynecological problems throughout a woman’s life. It relieves aching during menses, stops and prevents spotting and assists to heal the reproductive system after delivery. It is also great for menopausal and post-menopausal problems.

And what more shall we say about this awesome plant? Lady’s mantle is a plant you should have around your house. Do not worry about the plant’s plain appearance, its benefits outweigh its inconspicuousness.

Lady's mantle is good for uterus

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