Edible Uses of Chamomile Flowers

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Chamomile is a beautiful herb that adorns gardens with multiple, yellow, daisy-like flowers throughout the growing season. They can be eaten raw, dried, fried or steamed. Edible uses of chamomile flowers include:

Chamomile tisane/ tea
Chamomile tisane is one of the most popular herbal beverages around the world as it has been used for ages to calm nerves, induce sleep and help with muscle spasms. The tisane is considered a magical, golden brew due to its ability to relax frayed, anxious nerves and manage cold and flu compared to other herbal remedies. It is also a low-calorie, caffeine-free beverage making it ideal for people watching their weight.

Chamomile tisane contains chamazulene, an aromatic compound with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties. It is also highly nutritious as chamomile flowers are rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin A and folate.

To make the tea, you need 2 cups of boiling water, 1/2 a cup of fresh chamomile flower petals, honey and 2 slices of apples.

Process: Pour clean drinking water into a teapot and bring to a boil. Rinse flower petals with cold water and put aside. Add apple slices to the pot and mash with a wooden spoon. Toss in the chamomile petals, cover and steep for about 5 minutes. Add honey to taste. Strain the mixture into cups, sit back and enjoy your rejuvenating cup of chamomile brew.

Chamomile cordial
You can easily make chamomile cordial by mixing apple brandy, fresh/dried petals, and honey. To enhance the cordial flavor, you can toss in some lemon, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and overripe berries.

Once you mix these ingredients, steep it overnight to allow the flavor to develop before straining the cocktail. Pour the mixture into a jar or glass bottle and store in the refrigerator. Use the cordial with ice cream or pour it over dessert.

Chamomile liqueur
You can make chamomile liqueur by mixing vodka, honey, dried flower petals, and lemon zest. Allow to steep for two to four weeks before straining.

Chamomile salads
Chamomile flower petals make great add-ins to salads. To make the salad, mix chopped lettuce dressed with olive oil lettuce, salt, chopped chamomile petals and a spritz of lemon. You can throw in some mint leaves, a dash of yogurt, and a touch of grated garlic.

The above edible uses of chamomile flowers show that you can never run out of ideas on how to include it in your diet. So, why not try them out?

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