Flowers that Bloom During January in North America

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If you’re trying to put together a seasonal bouquet from flowers that are readily available in North American during January, you’re in luck. We’ve been thinking about flowers and the season, and we thought you might want some suggestions for great January booms. We’ve put together a list of flowers that people living in North America should be able to source with no problems to create a beautiful home, or garden, display during this winter month.

We came up with a collection of flowers that we’re going to try to bring into our houses and yards this month, including flowers that represent the restorative power of winter and those that give us a sneak peak into what spring will offer.

Whether you want to incorporate seasonal flowers into your insider or outside décor, or want to give seasonal blooms to someone special, consider choosing one or more of the following:


Ranunculus are brilliantly colored flowers with a unusual, layered shape. Their pretty petals are intricate and delicate looking, making them a standout in the home or in a garden. Ranunculus are special blooms that resemble origami masterwork. They thrive in western and southern North American gardens starting in fall and extending through January.

Calla Lily

Did you know that calla lilies are not considered true lilies? Not that it makes much of a difference to us, or to many, because these beauties are pretty enough not to need explanation. Calla lilies grow from rhizomes and they come in a multitude of colors. You can plant them in beds and in borders, and then cut them to bring indoors. Or, you can simply grow them inside on a windowsill.


Dahlias grow from tubers, not from bulbs as some people think. Their tubers have eyes, just as a potato does, which is a fun fact but not something you need to know to enjoy the beauty of the dahlia. Dahlias can be planted during spring or fall, ideally when the ground is rather wet. It’s possible to admire their cheerful blooms during most winters in North America.

In addition to these flowers, we also love January-blooming flowers like alstromeria, gerbera daisy, delphinium, larkspur, liatris, and stargazer lily. Do you have any favorite blooms you like to have around during January, or during winter? If so, feel free to leave us a note in the comments below.

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