Thanksgiving Centerpieces that are Sure to Please

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The day we give thanks for all the good people and good fortune we have in our lives- and then stuff our faces. No matter what your favorite dish is you look forward to seeing around that table each year, the fresh flowers and greens from a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece will be a delight that everyone will enjoy throughout the long day of eating and for days to come. All sorts of different styles and arrangements can be made to order at your local florist and if you’re heading over to someone’s house for the big meal you can pick one up ready made for the perfect hostess gift. Whether you choose a simple round arrangement or a cornucopia of flowers, a centerpiece will add freshness and flair to the occasion and most come with candles that can be lit to make the meal more elegant and festive. Below are several different styles to choose from, along with tips for making them last longer than the leftovers.

Simple, Round Centerpieces
These look best on round tables and take up the least space if you have a large gathering and limited tabletop. Available without ordering at local florists and grocery stores with a floral section, these should be added to your shopping list and are very easy to care for. Most will be made with fresh greens such as leatherleaf fern or even some sprigs of evergreens. Those made with seasonal mums and carnations will last for at least two weeks if you add a bit of water. The containers holding the greens and flowers contain a green, sponge-like foam that absorbs water and holds the stems in place. If you add a cup full of water every few days, the arrangement will stay fresh for a long time. Even after the flowers have faded, simply pull them out and enjoy just the greenery or buy a few new stems to trim and add on your own.

Low, Rectangular Centerpieces
These look amazing at the center of a long table and are often made short enough to not to block conversation across the table (not always a benefit if the cousins still haven’t learned to chew with their mouths closed. Try finding one with candles, or simply add your own. Tapered candles can be pushed down into the floral foam inside quite easily and can be replaced whenever they’ve burned low, so add a few to your very full shopping cart as well and enjoy these arrangement through the rest of the year.

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