Unique Wedding and Bridal Bouquets

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Wedding season is quickly coming and many brides and grooms are looking to add a unique flair to their weddings. Gone are the days of bridesmaids who match from head-to-toe, red rose petal decor and prom-style picture poses. Young couples want their weddings to reflect their own personal style and ensure that those wedding pictures capture both the wedding, and the essence of who the couple is.

The bridal bouquet is such a personal statement to the bride. It compliments the gown in which she invested hours of decision, it accents her wedding theme and colors and it will grace numerous wedding pictures. The bouquet is second to the wedding dress, and third to the bride, in terms of what wedding guests will notice when the bride takes her first steps down the aisle. This is an opportunity to make that bouquet a statement with one of our three ideas for unique bridal bouquets:

The Natural Girl Bouquet

With warm spring and summer weather upon us, many couples will opt for outdoor weddings with natural, earthy themes. A bouquet that reflects the diversity of blooms that the earth has to offer is an excellent way to achieve the natural look of the outdoors. Raw cotton stems, such as those sold by the Fresh Lavender is also an earthy, fragrant addition to a bouquet and is abundant in the warm spring and summer months. An additional consideration for lavender buds: they make an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to tossing rice on the newlywed couple. Regional wildflowers are also a fun addition to the natural bouquet, and are a loving way to acknowledge the state in which you are getting married. You can see which wildflowers are in bloom in your region by consulting Wildflower Information.

The Nautical/Beach Bouquet

If you are getting married by the beach, or having a nautical-themed wedding, there are a bunch of fantastic directions to take your bouquet. A simple bouquet of all white flowers, such as this White Wonders bouquet would look stunning wrapped with navy blue ribbon, or even sail rope. If you want your bouquet to take on more of a beach theme, a bouquet of anemones, such as this bouquet featured on I Do it Yourself are already color-perfect. Want to “beach it up” even more? Find some pretty shells, hot glue a shell to the end of a wooden barbecue skewer, and slip it into the bouquet so that just the sea shell is peeking out.

The Wine-Lovers Wedding Bouquet

Eye popping burgundy Dahlias, deep purple Smithsonian Glorious Daybreak Orchid and full Raspberry Althea Sprays Garden Roses are just a few of the vibrant, rich flowers that can adorn a wine-lovers bouquet. If you are a true purist, the Velvet Wine Dahlia, with stunning burgundy petals, dotted with a contrasting, yellow center (reminiscent of the contrast of red and white wine) is the must-have addition to your wine-themed wedding bouquet. To carry through the “Dahlias and Wine” theme, opt to serve Dahlia wines at the reception, available in a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Reserve for toasting. For a unique touch to the bouquet, follow the directions above for adding sea shells to the bouquet, but instead of gluing sea shells to the barbecue skewers, glue wine corks to the skewers and slip them in the bouquet. They will make a beautiful contrast to the deep burgundy and purple flowers.

With just a little imagination and less than 10 minutes of crafting time, you can have your gorgeous bouquet reflecting your personal style in no time!

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